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TWCA conducts several main products and services , which includes Certificate Services, PKI security software, SSL , TWID and so on.

Certificate service

On-line Stock-Dealing Certificate

Responding to online stock-dealing requirements, this product could make the investors do the dealing on-line directly and get the information and price anytime and anywhere.
enhancing dealing security requirements level
responding to the requirement of speedy dealing online
no dealing limit by time and place
confirm the identity of the traders on-line

On-line Bankling Certificate

Responding to the on-line money transferring requirements, this product provide sound certificate service to ensure the transferring security on the internet.
tackling the need to enhance on-line money transferring requirements
provide the enterprise huge-amount on-line money-transferring
increase on-line money-transferring frequency for the enterprise
ˇiOn-line Insurance Certificateˇj
providing on-line insurance and electronic insurance policy certificate service.
insurance policy mailing to the insured with the format of electronic document
instantly complete on-line insurance operation
enhance the on-line insurance processing efficiency
save the insurance managing cost
reduce the cost paid to the insurance agents
instantly get the insurance policy while on-line insuring

Electronic Stock-Affairs Certificate

With the application of electronic certificate from the online stock affairs operation platform and online voting system, shareholders could be confirmed their identity and execute voting right online.
identity of confirmation, non-repudiation of transaction, data intactness, confidentiality and evidence-retaining
provide the function to registration center of stock agents to process the application, revocation and extension
provide the system interface to develop stock-affairs relating certificate
If shareholders want to revocation electronic certificate, they have to return back to the units they originally apply
Provide the functioning of Inquiries of certificate effectiveness to stock-agents participating this project
With the effective electronic certificate, shareholders could authorize electronic stock affairs on this internet platform
Evidence-retaining function of electronic documents
ˇiASPRA Servicesˇj
Introduction of Service
  ASPRA services enables customers through certificate to confirm identity of their dealing parties on the internet without self-installing the certificate registration system. Customers who apply for ASPRA Services could self-employs RAOP or charges TWCA to manage.
Functions of services are as follows:
filing of customersˇ¦ dealing parties, inquiries, and corrections
certificate applications of customersˇ¦ dealing parties, cancellation and renewal
customersˇ¦ inquiries their dealing partiesˇ¦ certificate and application process
ASPRA Services (manual or automatic processing), operating record inquiries of RAOP or customers, system management functions recording RA and CA communication.

Service Features
management platform of web-based certificate registration
confirmation of identity of dealing parties
confirmation of documents correctness filed by dealing parties
legal-binding effect to dealing parties on the internet

Service Benefits
quick introduction of certificate registration mechanism
charge TWCA to be certificate registration unit
no need to install certificate registration system to save the cost of system purchasing and its maintenance

System Structure

ˇiTrust Mail Servicesˇj
Introduction of Service
  The main functions of Trust Mail services are to transfer electronic documents to customers' dealing parties and store them as verification via just third party. We can meet the security demands of customers to send the electronic documents via trust mail, with the functioning of identity confirmation, data intactness, data secrecy and non-repudiation, to ensure the rights of two parties, sending and receiving one, and comply with the principle of risk management,
provide the function of signature and identification to ensure data source and data itself intact: your corporation's signature, TWCA signature and customer's signature
the mechanism of encryption and decryption to meet the demand of keeping data secret: your corporation's encryption and customer's de-encryption
provide trust mail services with the function of tracking reading mode: TWCA's sending to customers and customers' feedback of reading signal.
Provide the service of evidence-retaining and onus probandiˇG according to regulations, storing the encryption electronic documents to diminish the disputes of the sending of electronic mails. If disputes exist, it is legal for just third party to assist onus probandiˇE

Service Features
the only trust mail mechanism to be developed according to the requirements of the specifications of authorities concerned
the only functioning of signature and identification and encryption and decryption to mail attachments.
ˇ@ˇ· to make bill non-repudiation and data intact
ˇ@ˇ· no worry to be intercepted by hackers while with the encryption of data
just third party's evidence-retainingˇGCA authority stores the encryption documents
CA institution's giving evidence or proof
reduce the paper printing, manual processing and mailing cost
provide effective service of re-mailing to reduce the burden of customer's service: with the mechanism of automatic re-mailing and changing the e-mail address online
assisting marketing promotion: increase the reaction channels with customers

System Structure

electronic balance sheet of stock trading
electronic balance sheet and dealing report of futures trading

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