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Certificate hardware
ˇiCertificate Carrier : IC cardˇj

With the provision of safe IC card to the users, electronic certificate and private key could be stored in IC card when users apply for certificate.

compatible with the <XML certificate specifications of financial IC card> set by the banking association
provision of both the interface program of IC card and the version of Cryptography Service Provider (CSP)
providing memory capacity over 32K
supporting RSA 1024-bit
compatible with ISO 7816-1,2,3,4,5 standard
compatible with T=0 or T=1 transmission protocol
compatible with Java Card 2.1.1 standard
compatible with Open Platform 2.0.1 standard
supporting DES, 3DES,RSA,SHA-1 algorithm
supporting RSA on-board key generation
could provide USB interface token. Also be operated with encryption and DECRYPTION micro processor and compatible with USB v1.1 interface standard.
compatible with 7816-1 ˇB 2 standard PC/SC card reader and could be operated on the Microsoft Windows platform
all algorithms are executed within IC card

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