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PKI Security software
¡iSecurity Software¡j

The main functions of security software is to provide signature and identification¡Bencryption and DECRYPTION of dealing information among customers and their dealing parties.

providing XML (comply with W3C accord) and PKCS7 code of signature and identification
supporting OCSP
supporting symmetric and asymmetric encryption functioning
with the functioning of Load Balance and Fail-Over
evidence-retaining and data management of SERVER/CLIENT terminal
quick integration: providing High level API and complete sample code and sample website
providing kinds of developing platform: Java, C, Windows COM components
providing complete management functions: WEB-BASED operating interface

System Structure

RA certificate operating system: providing every kind of service to certificate operating concerned, such as certificate application, renewal, revocation, inquiries, downloading, temporary restriction, relief of restrictions and registration
SS security system: providing security controlling mechanism of certificate applications, such as signature and identification ¡Bencryption and DECRYPTION
evidence-retaining system: recording of trading information of concerned certificate application, such as recording signified trading and signified feedback signals of trading
ActiveX security components: providing the algorithm of signature and identification¡Bencryption and DECRYPTION which could be integrated on the websites. It can be automatically downloaded while clients proceed signature with certificate.

security software service for the cash-transferring certificate of internet banking
security software service for electronic-check certificate
security software service for online stock-dealing certificate
security software service for online shareholders-voting certificate
security software service for online insuring certificate
security software service for enterprise electronic commercial certificate

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