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Introduction of Service

SSL services are operated for the information transmission of electronic commerce between web browser and server. With installation of SSL server certificate on the website, the information transmission with browser users around the world is encrypted, intact and with the function of identity confirmation. According to encryption strength, SSL server certificate could be divided into 128 bits and 40bits. The encryption strength of 128 bits, considered as the SSL server certificate with the highest encryption strength , is 288 times of 40 bits. The websites in the financial domain are suggested to adopt 128 bits SSL certificate.

Service Features
Cyber TRUST empowers TWCA to issue in Taiwan
root is GTE CYBER TRUST, which could be used around the world
root certificate built-in the browser
compatible with international standard x.509 v3 and SSL v3
compatible with the website servers around the world and SSL hardware accelerator
confirmation of identity, encryption and intactness of information
credible mechanism connected with the trusted servers

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