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Introduction of Service

The most common and standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a website and a browser is SSL. With SSL service, the sensitive information such as credit card numbers and login passwords to be transmitted between website and browser is encrypted, intact and with the function of identity confirmation. To establish this highly secure and encrypted connection, the browser and the website need an SSL Certificate installed on website.

Service Features
TWCA is the member of CA/Browser Forum (Certification Authority Browser Forum).
TWCA Root is already built in most PC & mobile operation systems and browsers around the world.
TWCA SSL certificate is compatible with international standard X.509 v3.
TWCA SSL certificate is RSA 2048-bit key length and SHA-256 fully compliant with CA/Browser Forum Baseline Requirements
TWCA SSL certificate is compatible with most web servers around the world and SSL hardware accelerators.
TWCA SSL certificate provides confirmation of identity, encryption and intactness of information.
TWCA SSL certificate provides a credible mechanism connected with the trusted servers.

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